Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to Clean Up "Rock Rash" on your Powdercoat

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Q: What does MetalCloak recommend for covering up scratched powdercoat?

A: Rustoleum Black Textured Paint... details below.

So, you bought MetalCloak Rock-Biting Body Armor for your Jeep and now you have the best Tube Fender, Rockers, Corner Guards and Bumpers available on your rig.

But it it Body Armor, which means that when you wheel, you are going to innevitably bang it up, On the Rocks!

And even though we use an incredible Premium Black Textured Powdercoat that is easily 5 mil or more in thickness, rocks can still tear through it and expose bear metal.

The question is, what is the best way to repair and clean up this mess?

Recently, while having fun at Area BFE during the 2010 Easter Jeep Safari, I tore up the Crawler Cap on my Frame-Built Bumper.

Fortunately, this is VERY easy to repair using Rustoleum's Black Texured Spray Paint.

First... buy a can of Rustoleum Black Textured Paint. Rustoleum has a great line of textured paints and the Black Textured matches our powder coat incredibly well.

Next clean up the area around the scratched powder coat with a mild sandpaper or a scotch brite pad.

Then, following Rustoleum's instructions, rattle can that baby (of course, you should mask off the area you don't want sprayed black...).

The result is a "barely can tell" finish, ready to get thrown back at the rocks.

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  1. Just did this and wish I hadn't. The textured black has a way glossier finish even though it is semi gloss. Fine for a trail rig, but if it's your daily driver it's gonna make your parts look cheap.

    1. Tyler, I appreciate your feedback. However, this is intended to be a fix for rock rash, not a full replacement for the Metalcloak Premium Powdercoat. We do this on all our show rigs after running the trails.

    2. I have used this product on two separate occasions to repair rash on my Overline fender tubes. Even knowing where the damage was, the repair is unnoticeable. No gloss at all. It's important to use TEXTURED black. My hardware store had to order it as they only had black, which may show up with gloss, don't know.

    3. It will look a tad more glossy when you first apply it but give it a week or two and the sun and environment (dirt/dust) will even it out. If you notice on a brand new part, its going to also be a little more glossy with the new powdercoat finish.