Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Red Rubi Build, An Updated Report

Fans of MetalCloak products have been part of an ongoing drum-beat heard around the world since we opened our doors early in 2009.

In fact, as early as Summer, 2009, we started hearing the first taps of what would become a unmistakable call... a call amongst latter day Wrangler owners everywhere... a call for the engineers at MetalCloak to apply the same meticulous design and creativity that is found on our Tube Fenders for the CJ, YJ, TJ, and LJ... to the new master of the trails, the JK.

Deadlines were considered, and deadlines were passed... the days turned into months and... okay enough of the drag out...

Release time is near...

Yes, the engineers have been working diligently these past few months on the MetalCloak Rock-Biting Body Armor system for the JK.

Starting with testing of our Red Rubi, which sits on 37" Good Year MTRs and no lift, to find where the rub points and what we can do to improve articulation...

Next we completely digitized the Red Rubi using a Romer CIM arm. While design is always possible without going to this extent, the precision fitment of MetalCloak products requires knowing most intricate details of the JK Body.

The end result is a detailed model that ensures each MetalCloak product will fit with the perfect precision you have come to expect from our products.

Ahhh... but you ask... "Where are the fenders?"

Not just yet. Release time is coming soon, but the design, for now, is under wraps.

But we promise, if you like our current products, you are going to love the JK Rock-Biting Body Armor.

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  1. Nice I cant wait you guys make some of the sickest Armor out there