Friday, November 27, 2015

5-Bullet Friday - November 27, 2015

Here is your special Thanksgiving edition of 5-Bullet Friday, a few things that caught my attention yesterday that I thought were worth sharing with you...
  • FOR THE HISTORY:  Have you ever considered the Real Story of Thanksgiving? It's not what we were taught in school. The real story is all about the roots of American industriousness and capitalism. 
  • FOR THE TABLE CONVERSATION:  The Thanksgiving table is always a great place to share what you are thankful for and to spur lively debate about politics, religion, whatever. Whether you're conservative or liberal, there is a guide for you in hand on how to deal with the other side. 
  • FOR THE MAIN COURSE:  I love food innovation. Thanksgiving seems to be the one time of the year we are willing to go overboard with food preparation. The Turducken is just one amazing example. If you can splurge for one, go for it. Definitely easier to buy one then to try and do it yourself. Innovation with food just makes Thanksgiving that much better.
  • FOR DESERT:  The biggest question at desert time is which pie to have? Apple? Cherry? or Pumpkin? Well I did all three with one of these
  • FOR THE DAY AFTER:   The Day After... AKA Black Friday. Here is a great survival guide.
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Matson "Matsonian" Breakey
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