Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Few Words About Veterans...

My Grandfather was Air Force. My Father was Coast Guard. I've got cousins who were Marines. And I went Navy.

In the 12 years I served, I worked with some of the most amazing, selfless, individuals I've ever met.

Unless you've been a member of the armed forces, it may be hard to truly understand the passion for service that is shared among these courageous men and women. 

There is a unifying theme that we all share... a belief in the greatness of our Nation and the Freedom's that are worth preserving.

Maybe the late great Ronald Reagan said it best: 

"Freedom is never more then one generation away from extinction."

It is America's military that prevents that extinction. It is our job as citizens to never take our military for granted. 

Today, and everyday, thank a Vet for his or her service and pray for those who are, right now, today, standing in harms way so that we can be Free.

Thank you,


See you on the Rocks...

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey

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  1. "Freedom is never more then one generation away from extinction." Such a true statement. I was honored to have served during the Reagan Administration and proud to do my part to Preserve that freedom he spoke so eliquently about.