Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!", 6Paks Just Got Better & Pic of the Week


You know that guy... the guy with the deep gravelly voice... synonymous with Monster Trucks and "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"?

And I did my best to be that guy. Read more about it below.

Also this week, the 6Pak Shocks just got better. 


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Ultra4 Championships... presented by us. 

We had a great time last weekend at the Wild West Motorsports Park just outside Reno, Nevada. 

This track is no joke. Truly professional and runs many of the Lucas Oil series short course races.

This year represented the second year bringing the Ultra4 Championships to the area... and despite the rain, the crowds and support from the region were incredible.

Besides being the presenting sponsor, Metalcloak also claimed the largest hill climb... a loose rock line cut into the side of a mountain... as Metalcloak Mountain... AND Matson was asked to fill in as a color commentator and announcer. 

You can goto for all the action of the day, or you can go here to just see the final race of the 4400 class cars. Racing action at it's finest.

We truly expect this track and this race to become the Daytona of Ultra4. 

6Paks Just Got Better... 

At Metalcloak we are always evolving our products. We never want to rest on what has been done in the past, so our R&D department is usually creating and testing new products in parallel with rev mods on existing product lines.

Such is the case with the 6Pak shock... thanks to their brilliant work the 6Pak has two new MAJOR improvements.

First, it is easier to install. Previous versions required the end user to lock the rod ends against each other to keep the 6Pak from flopping about. No more. 

Now we have a awesome bushing system that is pre-locked into place making installing incredibly easy! 

Next is the length... don't ask me how they did it, but our six packs now have MORE travel! The 12" travel 6Pak is now a 13" travel and the 14" is now a 15" travel shock.

And all that extra travel with no loss of compressed size. Amazing.  

Learn More...
Overland Series Suspensions, now with Rocksports! 

You asked... we delivered. The new Overland Suspension Systems (Elite, Sport & Touring) now come with RockSport shocks!

Easy, Convenient & Priced Right just for you.

Learn More...

Hardline Fenders Update... 

The Hardline Fenders are fast becoming one of our best-selling products ever! The ease of installation, clean lines, lack of prep work required for painting and the overall strength are some of the reasons the JK community has been jumping ship from other manufacturers and joining the Metalcloak family of customers.

Thank you!

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Fox Shocks... Now for the TJ! 

The TJ/LJ 3.5" Long Travel, Short Arm, Suspension is now available with Fox Shocks!

Just one more option for you, our amazing customers. 
Congratulations to Christopher Morris of Salem, MA, for this weeks
Pic of the Week!

See you on the Rocks...

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey

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