Friday, October 16, 2015

Free LED's, Happy Halloween and the Flop of the Week!

Happy Halloween! This is always a fun time of the year... the beginning of the Holiday Season, and time to test your personal will power not to gorge on candy! 

So far my will power sucks. 

And I think the sugar has gone to my brain, 'cuz we are giving away some LED marker lights! 

Tomorrow only (Halloween Day) for all orders over $500, we will automatically include a FREE SET of LED Marker Lights appropriate for your rig... get something for the TJ, you get the TJ Marker Light set... for JK, JK Marker lights, etc... 

Learn more by clicking here

Boo! (admit it, you were just a little scared)


LOWER PRICES on Hardlines!  

The Sugar is definitely going to our brains!

We just LOWERED the prices on Hardline Fenders for the JK Wrangler!

Only $489 for a set of front or rear Hardline fenders! 

RockSport Editions Keep Multiplying...  

Now the True Dual Rate Lift Kit is available with RockSports! At only $1399, that is a great, very complete, kit!

And it's only a few more components until you are at Game-Changer Status! 

Learn More...

Fox Shocks... Now with the Aluminum LTSA!  

The TJ/LJ 3.5" Long Travel, Short Arm, Suspension with Aluminum Double Adjustable Control Arms just got better!

Fox is in the house!
Congratulations to Darren Nelson for this weeks
Flop of the Week! Glad everyone was okay (ego not withstanding).

See you on the Rocks... 

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey

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