Friday, October 2, 2015

5-Bullet Friday - October 2, 2015

Here is your next edition of 5-Bullet Friday - some cool stuff this week - be the first to share it with your friends.
  • FOR YOUR HOME:  I recently tossed the Samsung Blu-Ray Player with built in Surround Sound cuz it didn't work with my other devices - and replaced it with a cheaper basic Samsung Blu-Ray Player and a full-spectrum 330W Sound Bar by Sony... while not having the surround sound, the Sony Sound Bar is (1) a HDMI hub that all my devices can go through and (2) has AWESOME sound.
  • FOR YOUR BUCKET LIST:  Can you believe this? I'm not sure I will ever be able to do it, but, damn, it looks like fun. Just the height of it would freak most people out... then to have to step off. Yeah, that would be life-changing.
  • FOR THE GO-BAG:  Bought this 20 degree sleeping bag by Teton a couple months ago and tested it for the first time at Cantina-for-the-Con. At only 2.9 lbs it is comparable in weight to bags that cost 3 times as much. Overall I was incredibly happy with the warmth, though the size was a little restrictive for a man with my girth. ;-)
  • FOR THE NEW JEEPER:  Did you ever get a copy of Metalcloak's 101 Off-Roading Tips? Well get ready for the updated edition... Metalcloak 102 Off-Roading Tips! (clever title, huh?) The New & Revised edition will be available on multiple formats October 9! Register today to get your free eBook! 
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Matson "Matsonian" Breakey

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