Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Month, Tacos & the Pic of the Week...

Happy Birthday Month! With my birthday coming next week (Sept 8), and, more importantly, for my wife the next day (Sept 9) it is Birthday Month galore in the Breakey household... ;-)

"What should you get me for my birthday" you ask? Why that is so kind of you!

But it's not about what you can get me, it's about what we can do for you. Whether it is game-changing products, lifetime customer service or constantly improving our systems to serve you better, every time my team can do something for you, our amazing customers, it's like I just got another awesome birthday present.

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing your Metalcloak experience with your world.

BTW... THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE to sign up for 5-Bullet Fridays before the first one goes out in a couple days! Remember it is an OPT IN email so if you want to join us on 5-Bullet Friday, sign up now.

You never know what 5-Bullet Friday might bring... 



Sheriff's JeepFest - Next Stop on #CTITour2015 

After putting thousands of miles on the trailer, criscrossing the country and doing over 700 CTIs, the final big event of the year will be Sheriff's JeepFest in Pickens County, Georgia this weekend.

This amazing event has been growing like crazy and we hope to see you out there!  

WIN GREAT PRIZES at the Metalcloak Cantina for the Con! 
This is one of our favorite Labor Day events... why? Because it not only supports the Rubicon Trail, and has lots of prizes for you to win, but it has Tacos! Amazing Tacos! On the Rubicon trail! Come on, that's just awesome...

BTW, with the tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN! Which means, each of you, all our great friends can WIN too! All you have to do is CALL 888-6RUBICON to get your own raffle tickets and support the Rubicon Trail!

Hosted by the Rubicon Trail Foundation, (web | facebook), this year Metalcloak stepped up as a title sponsor (did I mention we love tacos?).  

NEW! sPod Mount & Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit
We love our sPOD, and we love having our winch mounted between the frame rails on our JK.

But, the later models ('12 - current) have that pesky vacuum pump mounted where the winch would go. To solve that originally, we created the Vacuum Pump Relocation Kit... easy fix... but it mounts where the sPOD mounts... 

No problem, we thought, lets create a bracket that mounts both! Introducing the sPod Mount and Vacuum Pump Relocation Bracket... coated in our now famous Gold Zinc Chromate and extremely easy to install...

Check the Garage Sale...  
Thanks to Cloakworks 4x4 being busy, busy, busy, there are going to be lots of miscellaneous parts appearing on our eBay Store... You never know what you might find...Shop Now

Congratulations to Tony Stella of Mukwonago, Wisconsin for this week's
Pic of the Week. Always great to see a classic CJ out on the trail...

See you on the Rocks... 
Matson "Matsonian" Breakey

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