Thursday, May 14, 2015

Overland Expo, New Swag and the Pic of the Week!

We expect to have a refreshing, if cold, weekend in Northern Arizona. Refreshing because we will be attending the Overland Expo outside Flagstaff Arizona.

Don't get me wrong, we love Rock Crawling, but we also love living the adventure, exploring, camping out in the middle of the Mojave. Basically, we love Overlanding almost as much as wheeling the Rubicon.

So, through rain and snow, we will be hanging out with our yellow 4 door (Cloak 5) equipped with a Ripp Supercharger, KargoMaster prototype rack, ARB Tent and Canopy, Powertank, Warn Winch and Raceline Wheels. Look for the guys on the road as they land in Northern Arizona.



P.S. Check out our full list of events for 2015 here.

CTI Tour 2015 Metalcloak Tour


This New cap from MetalCloak is an All American Port Authority Realtree® Camo Adjustable Ball Cap.

This cotton and polyester blend cap has the MetalCloak "M" in red embroidery on the front, the MetalCloak name on the back and has the the american flag on the side.
Only $22.

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CTI Tour 2015 Map
CTI Tour 2015 Map


The Metalcloak Ultra4 Stampede is truly "Carnage Unleashed" and you can commemorate it with this limited edition tee.

Printed on Port & Company 50/50 Soft Blend shirt with discharge "infused" inks, this shirt feels more like something from a high end retailer then an event shirt.

Featuring 2014's Metalcloak Stampede winner Tom Wayes, the stylish shirt was such a hit at Stampede this year, we decided to offer it to the rest of the Ultra4 Fans!

Only $18.

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NEW PRODUCT: Durotrak Joints

Every good company likes to remain relevant by creating new producst, but at Metalcloak we never stop improving already existing products.

And while you, our friends, have raved about our track bars over the years, we weren't really happy with using stock-style clevite bushings.

Introducing the Patent Pending (#14/622,350) Durotrak(TM) Joint. The Durotrak is composed of two halves that screw together and uses force from where the two halves meet to keep it secure.

You can read more about its' NVH isolating ability and subsequent improvement of ride handling, here.
CTI Tour 2015 Map

If we choose your picture for the Pic of the Week, we will send you a Metalcloak Hat or Tee-Shirt of your choice (you must contact us with shipping information.) How do you enter? You must post your pic on our Facebook Page. We will choose the one we like the best (it helps if you have friends comment and share it ;-). Here is a great article in about How to take good pictures of your Jeep. We like them in action, on the trail, having a good time.

CONGRATULATIONS to our own Corey Osborne for capturing this sequence of photos at the Metalcloak Stampede and turning it into a Gif. (You know I had to share it!) What you see here friends is the always amazing Shannon Campbell in another incredible recovery. What this gif does not show is the additional excitement he displayed for the crowd when he almost endo'd at the double jump just a few seconds later. We'd love to see more gifs, so keep them coming!

You can see the original Facebook post here.

We'll see you on the rocks!

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey

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Matson at the Jeep

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