Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MetalCloak Skillz Day, Rubicon Express Joint Upgrade, & Pic of the Week

Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!
If you are anywhere near the West Coast... we want you to join us on June 23, for SKILLZ DAY at Prairie City SVRA.
This unique event is designed to help develop your off road skillz whether you are a first time Jeep owner or a veteran of the sport. All are welcome and it's FREE!
Just a sample of the day....
  • Know Your Rig
  • Secrets of the Trail
  • Off Road Safety
  • Fight for Land Use
  • Recovery Demonstrations
  • Corner Travel Index Testing
  • RTI Testing
  • Test Drives
  • & More!
Learn more and Register Online Here:


Do you own a TJ or an LJ?
Do you have a Rubicon Express Long Arms Kits?
Have your bushings failed?
Then we have the solution for you!
Mind you, this is not an easy, pop it and replace it solution. But if you are tired of replacing your bushings, then the new Metalcloak Rubicon Express Duroflex Long Arm Upgrade Kit is your answer.
Jeep Jumping
Built around the revolutionary Duroflex Joint, this weld-on kit replaces the joints on the RE Long Arm Kits that are most likely to fail.
To learn more about the Duroflex Joint, watch this short video:
Selling for only $199, this kit will last you thousands of miles and several years of off road abuse and improve your ride quality EXTENSIVELY.

Recently some friends had a great time wheeling through the Rubicon. This pic is of JD McGinnis of Hardcore Jeepers out of Florida who was all the way out here in California showing off his MetalCloak Overlines and Frame-Built Bumper...

Jeep Jumping

See you on the rocks... or not!
Matson "Matsonian" Breakey