Thursday, January 27, 2011

Your Favorite Events, Winner of the Hoodie, Bumper Sale & Pic of the Week

Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!

What is they say? Every day living is another day for wheelin!

And there seems to be no lack of wheeling opportunities.

We just returned from Winter Fun Fest, only to be faced with the Southwest Crawlfest and now the King of the Hammers (KOH)! And while KOH is not about you and I wheeling as much as it is about seeing the racing carnage, it is still a great opportunity for those of us who don't have Johnson Valley in their back yard, to play on some of the most incredible and dangerous rocks on the West Coast.



We asked for you to post your most snowed in or best snowed pic and our illustrious judges chose two as the best.


HPA Motorsports sent this awesome pic of their VW TDI powered YJ roaring up the hill.

Most Awesome Pic - YJ In Snow

Are judges are definitely softies here when it comes to kids and the rigs.

Snowed in TJ

To each of these winners we will be sending MetalCloak hoodies. Nice job!


Just in time to keep you warm and toasty, the MetalCloak Classic Hoodie.


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Check out the MetalCloak Garage Sale... 4" flares and YJ fenders are up for bid on Ebay!

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That's right friends, the 20% Off Bumper Sale will be ending soon. So take advantage of the 20% Savings Now!

CLICK HERE for JK Bumpers...

CLICK HERE for CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ Bumpers..


Posted on the MetalCloak Facebook Page this pic from long-time customer Jason Dahl, heading through the Gatekeeper at Calico. Jason runs the MetalCloak Overlines, Rocker Rails and Corner Guards with dual-tone painted flares. Way to go Jason!

Jason Dahl at Calico Gatekeeper

See you on the rocks... or not!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Q: What is the difference between Genright's HiLines and MetalCloak Tube Fenders.

A: Quite a bit.

We get this question a lot.

Not only with Gen-Right but with other manufacturers as well. So over the next couple months, I will be posting some general differences here. Differences that are not just our opinion, but, like in the case of Gen-Right, are taken right out of their website, marketing materials, or installation instructions.


First let me say that style is style. And if someone simply prefers the style of another company's fenders over ours, that is personal and we would never judge one's personal taste.

However, when in comes to other important issues like clearance, fitment, quality and price, there are some definite advantages to owning MetalCloak.


Some Differences between the Genright Hi-Line Kit for TJ/LJ and the MetalCloak Overline or Arched Tube Fenders for TJ/LJ...

All the brackets and hardware to install the inner fender and replacement battery & package brackets are included… per the Genright website regarding Hi-line fenders:
"Inner fender mounting kit sold separately"
MetalCloak is a direct un-bolt and bolt-on… per the Gen-Right website regarding Hi-line fenders:
"THIS IS NOT A DIRECT BOLT ON!!! You have got to really want these fenders on your Jeep! It is going to take a lot of work! If you are not up to the job, have a professional install them or DO NOT buy them!"
MetalCloak allows for the remount of all stock components to your TJ/LJ… per the Gen-Right website regarding Hi-Line fenders:
"Depending on your vehicle's original equipment, you may have to disconnect and remove some luxury items under the hood (like the washer fluid bottle).”

“Because there is physically less space under the hood, we strongly recommend switching to a smaller gel type battery”
You will likely need to replace your air intake system with the Gen-Right Hi-line fenders as well but that is not pointed out on their site.

MetalCloaks when purchased with our Premium Black Textured Powdercoat (video) come completely finished and ready to bolt on… per the Gen-Right website regarding Hi-line fenders
“Fenders are sold un-painted and require finish work before painting.”
MetalCloak includes a new set of aluminum replacement inner fender liners… per the Gen-Right website regarding Hi-Line fenders
“Re-uses original inner fender well”
NOTE: The use of an original inner fender well greatly reduces your clearance vs. the MetalCloak replacement Aluminum Inner Fender well.

MetalCloak allows you to use your stock hood as-is with no modifications… per the Gen-Right website regarding Hi-Line fenders
“Can be used with your existing factory hood, cut down (with template provided in GenRight kit).”
NOTE: Cutting your hood along the hi-line form removes the strengthening rib/flange along the edge length of the hood and requires the addition purchase of a weather stripping piece to cover the cut line edge.

MetalCloak and Gen-Right Hi-lines have similar clearance above the tire… however MetalCloak has substantially more clearance behind the tire.


Cost and Time Comparison...

MetalCloak Overline Tube Fenders
  • Fenders: $599
  • 6" Flare: $249
  • Black Texture Powdercoated: $168
  • Installation Kit: Included
  • Inner Fender Wells: Included
  • Damage to Stock Fenders: None, Can be Re-Sold fro $200 - $600
  • Tools required to install: A ratchet and a couple allen wrenches.
  • Total Cash Cost: $1016 before tax and shipping
  • After Selling Fenders: $816 (if Fenders sell for minimum).
  • Time to Install Once Box is Received: 4 - 8 hours.
Gen-Right Hi-Line Tube Fenders
  • Fenders: $599
  • 6" Flare: Included
  • Black Textured Powdercoat: Not available, $200 - $300 walking off the street to a local powder-coater, less if you have a friend or connections. Fenders require extensive finish work if you are going to paint them, which can be another $200 - $400 in labor.
  • Installation Kit: $159
  • Inner Fender Wells: Must Cut and reuse Stock Fenders.
  • Damage to Stock Fenders: Cut, not able to re-sell.
  • Tools required to install: Ratchet, allen wrenches, cutting wheel or sawzall, grinder, optional rivet tool, and drill just to make it fit right.
  • Total Cash Cost: $958 before tax and shipping and assuming only $200 on finish.
  • Cannot resell fenders for cash.
  • Time to Install once box is received: Up to one week, if you have the tools and the means to get them finished and installed. Installation itself (not the finishing process) can take up to 10 hrs (according to Jobbers surveyed).

You can draw your own conclusions. In our humble opinion, the Gen-Right Fenders simply to not add up to the MetalCloak product quality, ease of installation and cost/time value.

Please feel free to contact us at 916-631-8071 if you have any questions at all about this post.


NOTE: For YJ, CJ owners, while the specifics are different, the comparisons in quality and clearance are similar.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Upcoming Events, Cold Weather Gear and the Pic (Mag Cover) of the Week!

Happy New Year Rock-Biting Jeepers!

I love this season! At MetalCloak we are finally getting refueled after a first place Christmas Season that lapped an already spectacular 2010... but the pit stop is only momentary as we race into 2011 full throttle, pinning it to the floor, enjoying this wild ride for the New Year and, honestly, we're glad to have you riding shotgun! (Okay, I've got racing on my mind!)

With the New Year just out of the gate we already we have a slew of awesome events ahead of us... from CA4WD's Winter Fun Fest to the Southwest Crawlfest to the race of all races, the 2011 King of the Hammers! You can find us everywhere, or almost everywhere, and if not in person, at least in sponsoring spirit!

NOTE TO OUR EAST COAST FANS: Stay warm! As the storms keep hitting you, hopefully you have a garage full of tools and a big heater to dive in and work on your rig. If you get the itch, hop in and drive it out West. We'd be happy to go wheeling with you!


Snowed In

Post pictures of your snowed-in (or snow conquering) rig on our Facebook Page and we'll randomly pic one to get a MetalCloak Classic Hoodie!


Just in time to keep you warm and toasty, the MetalCloak Classic Hoodie is here!


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Posted on the Facebook page of Four Wheeler Magazine this awesome picture of Dustin Chernoh from DC Customs in Ukiah, California, is showcased on the premier issue of the revamped and redesigned Four Wheeler Magazine. The pub will hit news-stands on January 19. Check it out!

Isham Canyon

See you on the rocks... or not!