Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wheeling in the New Year, Hoodies are Here, Pic of the Week!

Happy New Year Rock-Biting Jeepers!

We hope your Christmas was spectacular and your New Year Celebration plans are well under way.

Here at MetalCloak we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the last year, and how much your support, feedback and ethusiasm has meant to us.

Opening our doors on January 5, 2009, we had no idea where we would be in two years. But we were blessed with a cool product, a talented engineering staff, and passion amongst our supporters unlike any I'd seen before.

The growth for 2010 has been far beyond our expectations and fully and completely because of you. We don't strive to make the best parts in the industry or provide the best customer service because it makes us feel good, we do it because that is what you and you rig deserve. You are the inspiration that drives us back to the drawing board to constantly update our products, add new ideas in and never be satisfied with the status quo. We never, ever say "leave it alone, its good enough." Good enough is not the best and Good enough is not MetalCloak.

We will strive to achieve new heights with our upcoming product lines for 2011 and, as always, we encourage and enjoy your feedback, your ideas and your support.

Happy New Year! May you have an awesome 2011!


Just in time to keep you warm and toasty, the MetalCloak Classic Hoodie is here!

To Order:
Flex Fit metalcloak capBeanie
Flex Fit Caps & Beanies also available!


Sometimes a great photo is not so much about articulation or huge obstacles as it is about capturing the moment. Russell Hesser of Artesia, New Mexico shared this pic of him and his daughter just after installing the 6" Overlines on his "Bobbed 572 BB CJ." Nice.

Isham Canyon

See you on the rocks... or not!

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