Sunday, October 10, 2010

JK no longer means Just Kidding - JK Tube Fenders by MetalCloak

As many of you know, our founding company, Rev111, was not only the innovators behind the incredible Arched Tube Fenders, but, as it turns out, they were also recognized as the first developer of Tube Fenders for the JK.

While, as MetalCloak, we never took those JK fenders into production, it was great to know we had such awesome heritage.

Like everything we do, we knew we could develop a better fender for the JK. So we returned to the drawing board, applied all the lessons learned from users across the country over the last couple years and developed from the ground up our new, incredibly rugged, JK Body Armor system.

Designated the Overline, the fenders are truly a hybrid of the Arched and the Overline fenders, breaking the rules and following non-traditional lines.

Once again, we've achieved the most clearance in the industry by raising the fender and flare ABOVE the stock flare lines of the JK. The Red Rubi is running 37" Good-Year MTRs on a Stock Rubicon -- that's no lift.

The quick release removable flares come in 8" (1" over stock width) and 5" (2" below stock width). With the flare removed the fenders have a built in rub rail.

Using the internal bracing seen here, our fenders achieve the same level of rugged rock-biting strength that has been proven time and again with our other product lines.

The MetalCloak Body Armor system for the JK includes the distinctive Rocker Rail, with build in deflector plates and optional MetalCloak Exo-Skins (not seen in this pic).

The rear Quick Release removable flares, bolt directly onto a rugged Exo-Skin that gives just the right about of extreme clearance. Additional bracketry (not shown here) creates our trademark rock-biting strength.

So there you have it -- finally -- Rock-Biting Body Armor for your JK.

Additional product information will go live on our website on Monday, October 11.

We are in pre-order mode, so please call to place your order at 916-631-8071.

We look forward to your feedback!

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