Monday, September 20, 2010

New Product Updates, Off Road Expo, Pic (Flop) of the Week & More

Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!

As usual, there is a lot happening at MetalCloak as we get ready for Off Road Expo in Pomona, California coming October 9 & 10. If you haven't been to Off Road Expo, it truly is the show of shows on the West Coast.

This will be our second venture to Expo since opening the doors in January 2009, and our presence has expanded exponentially. Not only will we be in a bigger booth, but there will be a number of other vendors sporting MetalCloak on their show rigs... and boy do their rigs look amazing!

Our focus, of course, will be the long-awaited release of the MetalCloak Body Armor System for the JK, which we plan on showcasing at the show. Until then, the designs are strictly under wraps.

So come on out and see what all the buzz is about!


Obviously, our most anticipated new products are the JK front fenders, rockers and corner guards with flares. But we have lots of hot new products that are moving off the shelves and making our customers incredibly happy...

CJ 5 & CJ 7 Fenders and Body Armor

CJ Fenders and Body Armor are now in full production and are shipping at the same rate as our other product lines, 5 days for raw metal and no more than two weeks for our Preminum Black Textured Powdercoat.

CJ 7

Frame-Built(TM) Bumpers for CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ/JK

Take advantage of our on-going 10% Frame-Built Bumper Sale before it ends! Save 10% on all bumpers and bumper accessories for the CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ and JK! No telling when this sale will end, and like our other sales, when its over, its over.

Our bumpers are being tested daily by users across the country and around the world and one-for-one, nothing is strong and more versatile then the MetalCloak Frame-Built system. With over 600 configurations, What's Your Build?

Frame Built Bumper
CJ / YJ / TJ / LJ Frame-Built Bumpers

Jeep JK Bumper
JK / JK Unlimited Frame-Built Bumpers

Tow Bar Adapter
Tow Bar Adapter

Occassionally we release small accessories designed to enhance our existing product lines... the tow-bar adapter is a great example of this. Aaron, our esteemed company president, just returned from a 3000 mile journey towing our TJ, Cloak 1, behind our grand RV using these adapters. They slip right onto your existing shackle mounts, and into any adjustable type of tow-bar.


At MetalCloak, part of our growth includes finding quality Jobbers across the country to provide you with the same level of customer service you expect from MetalCloak every day. These Jobbers represent a wide variety of skills experience and we are happy to add them to our growing list of MetalCloak Authorized Installers...


Garage Sale

Every once and a while we get products that are either overstock, discontinued items, or prototypes we are willing to unload for cheap. Always great products, we simply have fun selling them on eBay. Today we posted a set of Arched Tube Fenders, Powdercoated Black, take a look at


Here are a few from the Whoops! files... these rigs, each one of them, flopped and then (with a little wrangling) got right back up. The consensus: "If it wasn't for my MetalCloak's I would have had a lot more damage."

Flopped at Sierra Trek
Flopped on the Fordyce Trail

After Ann Flopped
No pick of the flop, just the aftermath.

Dash's Flop
As this customer said: "A lot of the weight of the Jeep
was on the fender, it only left 2 scratches in the powder coat."

See you on the rocks... or not!

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cantina for the Con, 2010 -- Taco, Nachos & More

We had a great time at Cantina for the Con 2010! Congrats to the organizers for raising over $29,000 for the Rubicon Trail Foundation.

Held annually in the Spillway at Loon Lake (Entrance to the Rubicon Trail), vendors lined the magnificent granite walls while hungry wheelers lined up for some tasty chicken and beef tacos.

MetalCloak worked together with our friends at Rubicon Express to maximize our use of space by combining booths for the day. With Rubicon's awesome canopy and Cloak 2, the MetalCloak YJ, we had a great day meeting hundreds of awesome people and their families.

A birds-eye view of Cantina for the Con (before the crowds...)

The MetalCloak / Rubicon Express Booth...

Lines like this for tacos lasted most of the day...

And some just liked to watch...