Friday, December 11, 2015

5-Bullet Friday - December 11, 2015

Here is your weekly fill up of 5-Bullet Friday, a few things that caught my attention that I thought were worth sharing with you...
  • FOR YOUR JEEP:  As more and more companies enter the headlight market, you can go with just having a good light, or having a fashion statement. My friends over at HIDProjectors have created an explosive fashion statement with their line of headlights with a wide range of colors and options including custom logos. 
  • FOR THE SEASON:  Got Kids? Avoid the Santa at the Mall and go see him at Bass Pro Shops. Took my kids to the Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro... No Lines, Lots of Games for the Kids and a talking Reindeer. 
  • FOR THE LAZY:  How Lazy do you really have to be to use the new Amazon Dash button?
  • FOR A GOOD READ:  Presidential elections are all over the news and Donald Trump is pretty much leading the media all over the place. Whether you like what he is bringing to the Presidential race or not, his book from the late 80's called The Art of the Deal is a good read and can help the interested understand just what he is about. 
  • FOR THE GO BAG:   I will always prefer a nice juicy steak for a good protein boost, but when the zombie apocalypse happens, whose to say the cows won't be part of the problem? But who ever heard of a zombie cricket? Cricket's have recently become the a popular source of easy to raise protein in the West even though the rest of the world has been eating crickets for years. Companies like Exo make incredibly well tasting protein bars and savory meal bars with flavors like BBQ that are healthy and packed full of cricket protein. Yum. 
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