Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JK Bumper Sales Ends Friday, NEW Selectable Bump Stops, Off Road Expo, & Pic of the Week

Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!

The JK Frame-Built Bumper Sale ENDS FRIDAY!

As you can no doubt tell, having seen recent posts on our Facebook page, we are all excited about the upcoming Lucas Oil Off Road Expo. Organized by Family Events, the Off Road Expo is one of the premier events on the West Coast featuring virtually every major player in the Off Road Industry. If you have even an small desire to build your rig, this is the place to be.

For Metalcloak, we've used, and continue to use, Off Road Expo as the best event to launch our new products. In 2009 we launched the Frame-Built Bumpers and the surprise of the event, the Overline Tube Fenders. In 2010 it was the JK Body Armor, and this year the list is almost too long to type... but I'll try. See my list below.

Picture of Free Jeep Accessories

Cloak'd Swag

Picture of Jeep Aluminum Fenders and Body Armor

Aluminum Armor

Picture of Jeep Accessories

Jeep Accessories


The list is long and keeps getting longer, but here are just a few of the products we will be talking about at Expo for the first time (some of which have never been in public before... )

  • 6Pak Shocks in three different sizes
  • JK 3.5" Lift with Dual Rate Coils (The First Lift Designed for Up-Travel)
  • JK Selectable Bump Stops
  • JK Control Arms
  • JK Front & Rear Track Bars
  • Duroflex Joints
  • JK ExoCorner Crawler Kit
  • JK Billeted Aluminum Rear LED's
  • JK Rear Tire Carrier
  • JK Non-Tire Carrier Rear Bumper
  • JK Stock (70") Font Bumper Caps
  • TJ 6Pak Long Arm Adapter Kit
  • TJ Extended and Extended Stretched Corner Guards
  • TJ Ditomic Armor Gad Tank Skid Plate (Aluminum + Steel)

We will even have the 6Paks on display so that you can personally cycle them as well as test the new Duroflex Joints.

See you there!


Among the list of products above are the incredibly new JK Selectable Bump Stops. Like most of our products, every innovation starts with asking "Why Not?" And that was the case with the Bump Stops. We asked, "Why do customers have to know what bump stop they need when the place an order?" Followed by... "Why not give them a bump stop where they can select the height they need AFTER putting the suspension on?"

And the result was the Selectable Bump Stop. An incredibly simple system that uses three 1" Pucks, stacked and topped with a Gold Zinc plated steel disc.


An added benefit of this design? You don't have to remove your coils to install your bump-stop.


Each kit comes with 3 different sets of tapered head bolts for proper sizing and with three sets of pucks. You can get additional pucks if needed.

Learn more and order yours today at:


Carlain Page of Quebec shared this pic of a TJ at the Catskills during Jeepers Jamboree USA on our Facebook Page. His rig is equipped with the MetalCloak Overline Tube Fenders, Full Corner Guards, & 6" Flares Front & Rear. Share your pics and we'll share you with the world!


See you on the rocks... or not!

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey


Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget... NEVER!


Ten years ago, the politicians in DC (and citizens across the nation) were pre-occupied with debates on education reform, airlines that didn't seem to care about its passengers (2001 Airline Passengers Bill of Rights), and the ramifications of the .com bust.

Then, on September 11, 2001, none of that mattered any more.

When the Twin Towers were hit by that first Jet, it set off a chain of events that we are still feeling today.

A chain of events that include a stronger Federal government, less civil rights, but a safer nation that has not had another attack since that fateful day.

And for that, we are grateful.

We are grateful. And proud. Proud to be Americans. Proud to be a part of the Greatest Nation on Earth. A nation of amazing people with (still) amazing freedoms and incredible opportunities.

We are blessed to be protected by the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. To have men and women dedicate their lives to protecting our freedoms is an honor we can never take for granted.

On this day we pray for the wisdom to win this war against those who would have all freedoms perish.

On this day, we say Thank You and God Bless!

We will never forget... NEVER!

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ultra-4 Stampede, 6Pak Kits, Pic of the Week

Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!

Let me tell you, it is truly fun being a part of this industry. Not only do I get to go to all kinds of great events like the Cantina for the Con during Labor Day weekend, but upcoming events like the Ultra 4 Stampede and Wheelers for the Wounded on the Rubicon.

With every event I attend, not only do I get to share great stories and run awesome trails, but, most importantly, I get to meet incredible people from all walks of like who share the very same passion... the passion of wheeling!

Truly we are blessed in this great country of ours. And with the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 coming up, it is good to remember how blessed we are and to never take our freedom for granted.

That is why, here at MetalCloak, we will always be American Proud, American Made.


The Ultra4 world has easily become the fastest growing sport in the off-road world (if not all of racing). With sanctioned races across the country from the American Rock-Sports Challenge to the Ultra4 Grand Prix, each race tests a driver's skills in vastly different ways all leading up to the grand race that started it all, the King of the Hammers.

The Reno Ultra-4 Stampede is one of the toughest of the series, with those in the know swearing the course at Exit 28 Motorsports (just outside Reno, Nevada) "simply eats buggies alive, spits them out in digust and they dares you to try again."

MetalCloak will be out there on Friday & Saturday enjoying all the great festivties and sharing some of our newest products including the JK Frame-Built Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier, the 6Pak Shock and the new Duroflex Joint.

So come on our, check it out, have a great time and watch the best of the best battle it out on race day!



The 6Pak Shocks are now available for presale in the following kits...

  • 3.5" JK Phase I Lift Kit: A bolt-on kit that includes everything you need to give an amazing ride to your otherwise stock JK. With the 3.5" lift and the MetalCloak fenders, you JK will wheel like it has a 6.5" lift. Kit includes the 6Pak Shocks, MetalCloak's Dual Rate Coils, all the mounting hardware and brackets, replacement front Track Bar, our Selectable Bump Stop kit, and the new MetalCloak Brake Line Kit.
  • 5.5" TJ/LJ Long Arm Adapter Kit: Just by adding the 6Pak Shocks to your current long-arm kit, you can gain upwards of 5.5" of travel! The kit includes a set of 4 6Pak Shocks, mounting hardware and MetalCloak's Dual Rate Long Travel Coils, for an incredibly smooth ride on the road and lots of travel on the trails.

These proven kits are like no other. For more information, just give us a call and we'll fill you in on the details.


Jacques Malan of South Africa shared this pic of his TJ with the MetalCloak Arched Tube Fenders on our Facebook Page. MetalCloak is truly International!


See you on the rocks... or not!

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey