Thursday, August 4, 2011

After the Jamboree, 6Pak Update, Pic of the Week, and More!

Hello Rock-Biting Jeepers!

First let me say thank you to all who took advantage of our good mood and the Rare Free Shipping Sale... there is definitely no limit of customers waiting for a deal. However, the free shipping sale is over and, as before, the next one, if there is a next one, will be many months away.

This week I wanted to share some of our pics from the 59th Annual Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon Trail, update you on the successful release of the 6Pak long-travel shock and share another Facebook Pic of the Week!

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Being a NorCal company has many advantages... the most incredible of which is our vicinity to the most famous trail in the world, the Rubicon. While there are many incredible trails across this great country that I would love to wheel, the Rubicon is an icon that always cures whatever ails ya.

This year we celebrated the 59th Annual Jeepers Jamboree with hundreds of our closest friends (newbies and veterans alike) with one full day of wheeling in, a couple days of hanging out at Rubicon Springs, eating like kings and enjoying the beautiful Sierras, then wheeling out on Sunday only to be welcomed by the bright blue Lake Tahoe.

Another great memory and another great trip.

You can see some of our pictures at


We used the occassion of the Jeepers Jamboree as the first true Public Appearance and demonstration of the 6Pak Long Travel Shock System. And boy did we get a response! One for one the crowds loved the concept and the potential and the news has been spreading fast... we had the single biggest one day hit on our website last Thursday... all thanks to interest in the 6Pak.

Many questions have been coming about the 6Pak, so while I build a FAQ list, I thought I would address some of those Qs here...

  • Is the 6pak available for purchase right now? Yes,we are pre-selling the 6Pak with expected ship date of September 30. Call 916-631-8071 for more information.
  • Can I just buy the shocks or do I need a full suspension system? We will be initially releasing three systems, the 3.5" JK Short Arm Suspension System that works specifically with the 6Pak for both the 2-door and 4-door models and a Rubicon Express Long Arm Upgrade Kit (when we added the 6Pak to our TJ with the RE Long Arm, we gained 5.5" of travel). While the shocks will be available for sale on their own, we recommend adding our adapter kits and coils for maximum implementation.
  • Can the 6Pak work on any vehicle? Ultimately, yes, but we need to do the engineering to understand each vehicles needs for proper valving, reservoir pressure, and adapter kit.
  • What if I want the 6Pak for a special project? Call us, we will have one of our engineers talk with you and determine if the current line of 6Paks will work with your project.
  • What does "Coil-over Alternative" mean? Many times coilovers are considered the next upgrade for the ultimate Jeep. But, in the case of a JK or TJ, that means cutting out the stock coil buckets and adding a coilover tower. This is labor intensive. The 6Pak system icludes dual-rate coils that are engineers to be longer and stay within the stock buckets at full droop. And since the 6Paks bolt directly into your stock mounting points, there is very little labor involved. So you get all the down-travel and more up-travel then traditional coil-overs, without all the expense.

If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at matson (at) or call 916-631-8071.


Charlie Gardner posted this pic on the MetalCloak Facebook Page of his '05 LJ with original Rev111 (MetalCloak) Arched Tube Fenders, Flip Steps and 6" Rear Flares. His rig features a 4" RE lift, 1" Body Lift and 37" BFG Krawlers. He's running the Tellico Guardrail just before its unfortunate closure. Send us your pics or post them online at


See you on the rocks... or not!

Matson "Matsonian" Breakey


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